Newsletter Summer 2018
Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Morning classes, will lessons be at the same time?

All of the morning schedule will stay the same unless there is a specific need to change (i.e. kids changing levels, going to prep etc please see office ASAP if this affects you).  So all of the children's spots are automatically held at the same time after the break UNLESS YOU TELL US OTHERWISE.  If your child has little brothers or sisters that want to start lessons, please tell us ASAP so we can give  you priority booking.

Afternoon classes, will lessons be at the same time?

If you do not want to swim after Xmas tell us now! All of the children's spots automatically transfer into Term 1 so if you need to change day or time, please tell us ASAP so that we can find the most convenient times etc.   As children change levels some time changes will be necessary, we will advise parents of any changes on an individual basis.

Holiday billing - Will I be charged during the holidays?

NO LESSON SCHEDULED NO CHARGE, but please be aware - the direct debits occur in advance  on a fortnightly basis so on 18th January charges will apply for people about to swim  in the afternoons .

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