On the Sunshine Coast we're surrounded by water, so it's vital that we take the time to be strong swimmers.  Teaching your family to swim means that you can have fun at the beach or in the pool while you're keeping cool. 

At Flying Fish Swim School we have five levels of baby swimming and 10 levels of Learn to Swim, and that's before kids enter Squad!  That's twice as many as most other swim schools and it's one of the reasons that we develop such good swimmers.  You see rather than putting kids of different abilities together and just muddling through, we assess children carefully and then put children together in groups with other kids who are at the same stage.  That way they can work really well together and learn quickly and turn quickly into little flying fish.

Finding the right grade for your child:  Seeing exactly how a child swims is the best way to work out what group they should be in.  That's why we offer new clients complimentary assessments for your child/children so that we can find the right class at the right time to suit your schedule.


My kids can't swim are they going to be safe with a teacher?
Babies from the age of 6 months up to 2 or 3 swim with their mum or dad in the water with them.(See baby classes page)  From approximately 2 years onward we will take non swimmers into classes without their parents depending on their maturity and confidence in water.  Children do not need to be able to swim already that's what they'll learn in their classes, but they do need the mental maturity to understand simple instructions about staying at the edge of the pool for example.  With beginners who cannot stand up on their own in the pool, parents sit at the edge of the pool area on seating provided, to give the moral support and encouragement that little people need.

I've got four kids and I don't want to have to come to four separate lessons - what can  I do?:
Once we've assessed your children we'll try to work out a schedule that works best for you.  We'll do our best to fit kids in on the same day either at the same time or as close as possible.  It is advisable to book in early in the season, so that we can schedule with big families in mind.

I've got a young baby and a toddler and I want to start them both off doing swimming lessons what can I do?
We often have parents in this dilemma and there's a couple of options.  Depending on your availability, we may be able to book you into simultaneous classes so that you are taking your baby in for a class at the same time as your toddler is with a teacher on the other side of the pool.  Alternatively we may be able to book you into consecutive classes, this way your older child gets to play in the safety and security of the gated play area that is right next to the pool while you take the baby lesson, and they have their class while you get yourself and baby dry.  Both ways work well, so feel free to work out the best option for you by talking to the office.

I want to start swimming lessons what do I need to do?
Once we've assessed the right level for your child, you can start straight away with a two week holding deposit and two week direct debits. 
What equipment do I need?
You don't need to go and spend a lot of money on equipment, but here's some advice:
Girls - it is best to have a costume that isn""t strappy and going to fall off - go for practicality, that way your child can concentrate on developing their stroke rather than trying to keep their bikini straps in place.  Chlorine resistant or Endurance togs last really well and you can pick them up cheaply in the sales!

Boys: Traditional togs are best for speed and efficiency.  These days a lot of boys want to wear board shorts, we don""t ban them, but if you wanted to be fast in the water you wouldn't tie a parachute around you, would you?

Goggles:  We don't recommend goggles for very young children as they can be more of a distraction than an aid.  Once kids have got their eyes down in the water for the majority of the lesson then it""s worth investing in a pair.  Silicon lasts much better then rubber and we sell a full range of goggles at the pool for reasonable prices.  We allow kids to try out different styles to see what works best for them so it""s a better way to shop than just picking up any old pair at the shops.

Swimming Caps:   They've come a long way from the old latex hats.  We sell silicon caps that will help your kids to concentrate on swimming (rather than dragging hair out of their eyes) you don't have the hassle of having to put powder to stop them sticking.

Lessons start at $16.80 per child
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