Baby Classes we're simply the best!

Baby and me classes are a great way for children to learn how to be safe in the water.  Not only will you and your baby learn the vital skills that will help your child to swim, but even more importantly, your little one will learn how to fall into the water and get back to the side safely.
Babies can start as young as four months old, but we have classes that cater for all ages and developmental stages.  Classes run for 30 minutes, and the kids love the songs and games that go hand in hand with learning.  Classes are booked by the term or by the month and you can start anytime during the year. 
Why Should I choose Flying Fish?:
Because we specialise in baby classes.  Every week we teach dozens of babies how to swim, and because we have so many babies swimming with us we can put babies of the same age and stage of development together.  In fact we have five different levels of baby classes.  Our beginner classes teach mum and baby the safe and easy way to get used to swimming under water.  But by our advanced classes, babies as young as 18 months can frequently swim 3 4 metres independently under water and are well on the way to getting back to the side safely and safety is what it's all about! 
What about your pool, is it warm enough for babies?
Our pool is a hydrotherapy pool this means it stays constantly at or above 32 degrees Celsius.  It's the perfect temperature for young children and just as importantly it's in a fully-enclosed heated pool area.  Our small pool is fully glassed instead of having plastic sheets that let in cold winds, our pool is purpose built to feel warm and cosy all year round.  The main bathroom is set up with two baby change tables, & heaters and it's all inside the heated enclosure so that you don't have to freeze running to the bathrooms as you would in the larger pool complexes.

Do baby classes save lives? Yes, every year several parents report back incidents where their child has either fallen into a pool or a pond, and have got back to the side safely.

What do you need to wear:

Parents are advised to wear either a sun shirt over their swimming costumes or alternatively, they can wear a T shirt.  This is so that babies can learn to swim to their parent and climb up their shirt.  It's just one more step to becoming independent in the water.

Babies and children who are not fully toilet trained must wear disposable swimming nappies "Little Swimmers" to take part in swimming lessons.  We have very strict guidelines to keep our water clean and safe, and we find the disposable nappies the most effective.  Other costumes may be worn over the top if desired.

How much do lessons cost baby classes are the same price as our other Learn to Swim lessons.


Lessons start at $16.80 per child
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